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1. Referral Profit
The biggest power of CrowdIF platform is, of course the CROWD! The more people use the platform, the more intelligent it becomes. The most effective method of making something viral is the word of mouth. Keeping this in mind, we will be running a referral program with possibility to make awesome profits. For every person that joins the C-CIP (CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program) using your referral link or the referral link of anyone in your team, you get a referral benefit. You will receive amazing 'Referral Profits' for bringing more users to the platform. It's easy to do. All you need to do is to share your referral link on your social media and other places on the internet. Here's the benefit structure:

Strata-1 (Your immediate referrals): 10 USD
Strata-2: 5 USD
Strata-3: 4USD
Strata-4: 3USD
Strata-5: 2 USD

The general terms for referral profit are:
- You would be eligible for referral income only if you're a participant of the C-CIP (CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program).
- You get a referral benefit for only for users under you (till Strata-5) who are participants of C-CIP (CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program).
- You will get the benefit instantly as soon as any of your team member becomes a C-CIP participant.
- If you yourself are not a C-CIP participant and anyone in your team becomes a participant, you will not get benefit for that and it will get lapsed. Remember as per point 1, you have to be a C-CIP participant yourself to get this benefit.
- One person can participate in the program only once. If one person is found to have multiple accounts, those accounts may be banned.

2. Intelligence Profit
High quality and quantity of data is the key to the best analysis. You can help CrowdIF in our data aggregation efforts and when you do so, you open another profit stream - the 'Intelligence Profit'!

To earn the intelligence profit, you have to participate in the C-CIP (CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program). As a part of this program, you can answer some questionnaires about cryptocurrency that will appear on your user dashboard from time to time. Answering the questionnaire to the best of your ability will make you eligible for intelligence profit. As a C-CIP participant, you may expect around 10 questionnaires per month and an average payout of 1 to 4 USD per questionnaire.

The general terms for intelligence profit are:
- You become eligible to receive questionnaires as soon as you become a participant of the C-CIP (CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program).
- You will receive 2 or more questionnaires every week.
- The average compensation for answering every questionnaire will range between 1 to 4 USD
- All questionnaires received in a week will need to be answered before Sunday midnight UTC. After this, the week's questionnaires will be disabled and you will not be able to answer or earn from them.

3. Portfolio Profit
Using the intelligence gathered by through the C-CIP (CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program), the company predicts crypto price movements and trades all across global exchanges based upon these insights to earn profits.

As a company, we have decided to let our users take advantage of our technology as well. After all, it's our users who give us our superpower by sharing their intelligence with us. CrowdIF can manage your trading portfolio using its revolutionary price prediction platform, for you too. You get an amazing return in the form of 'Portfolio Profit'. All you need to do is to participate in C-MPP (CrowdIF - Managed Portfolio Program).

The general terms for C-MPP (CrowdIF - Managed Portfolio Program) are:

- You can start your portfolio with a minimum of 250 USD.
- Within 3

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