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Hello taxi cab same Ola uber

Hello taxi cab same Ola uber
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HELLO TAXI, India’s new website for transportation, integrates city transportation for customers and driver as a partners onto a mobile technology platform.its just starts in India.hello taxi’s offerings on its platform ranges from affordable car taxies by Using the hello taxi website, users in delhi ncr can conveniently book.hello taxi just starts so they need a big money collection to solve money problem they are doing crowdfunding from market
Hello taxi Director Name:- Mrs. Daisy Menon.

As we tell hello taxi is recently started a Investment Plan/crowdfunding so Company will expand their business and will share some profits with their Investors.Also gives an opportunity for the Networker to earn handsome income for their simple refer and earn business concept.
HELLO TAXI Booking Packages
1.Executive 10, 000 Rs 2.Micra 35, 000 Rs 3.Mini 65, 000 Rs 4.Prime 1, 10, 000 Rs

Type of Incomes
1.) Rental Bonus2.) Referral Bonus 3.) Working Bonus 4.) Level Bonus 5.) Target Bonus 6.) Rewards 7.) Special Bonanza
1). Rental Bonus
10, 000 === 10% Pm35, 000 === 12% Pm65, 000 === 14% Pm1, 10, 000 === 16% pmRental Bonus upto 200% Only
2). Referral Bonus
Get 2% Extra Rental Bonus On Each Referral upto Unlimited .
3). Working Bonus
L/R Matching Business 10%
Ratio: 1:1
Note:- Capping will be 2 lakes of one week.
4). Level Bonus
Level Bonus

1 === 4% . 2 === 3%
3 === 2% . 4 === 1%
Note:- Level incomes up to 4th level on working bonus.
5). Target Incentives
Days Business Salary Target Pm
7 3 Lac 3k 1lac15 12 Lac 8k 3lac30 40 Lac 15k 10lac45 1Cr. 35k 25lac75 3Cr. 1lac 1 Cr.120 7Cr. 2.5lac 2.5 Cr.160 15Cr. 5 Lac 5 Cr.280 45Cr. 15 Lac 15 CR365 100Cr. 35Lac 35Cr.
Note:-Target Incentives will be on Matching.
6). Rewards
5 Lac 40′ Inc LED . 12 Lac MacBook Air. 25 Lac Royal enfiled BIKE
55 Lac. Renault kwid CAR . 1.2 Cr. Breeza CAR . 2.5 Cr. XUV 500
6Cr. Fortuner CAR . 11Cr. Audi A6

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