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Hellotaxi.. generate income with taxi rent call 7623056518

Hellotaxi.. generate income with taxi rent call 7623056518
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Great Opportunity in Mlm

100% Indian Legal Company.

11 June 2018 Pre Launching

Hello Taxi


Get Legal Bond On Investment (MOU)

▪ You Can Check TDS On Pan Card Number

▪ From First Day Hello Texi Will be on Road

▪In 60 Days Minimum 100 Hello Texi will be On Road

▪Hello taxi Advertisement Available On News Paper , T.V , Radio and Delhi Metro etc.

▪Auto Withdrawal System & No Wallet

▪All Transactions In INR

❌No Money Rotation Concept

✅Actual Generating Revenues

About Director

🙂Director Name - Daisy Menon🙂

Experience -

🔸20 years Great work experience in Public Relations 🤝🏻

🔸Marketing, Interior Designing And Construction Work With Top Awards in Middle East And Many Other Countries Worldwide,

🔸She Remained On Page3 In Many Countries Most Of The Time For Her Great Achievements🥇

4Type of Booking Packages

1st. Executive 10, 000 Rs

2nd. Micra 35, 000 Rs

3rd Mini 65, 000 Rs

4rth Prime 1, 10, 000 Rs


7 Type of Incomes🔊

1.) Rental Bonus

2.) Referral Bonus

3.) Working Bonus

4.) Level Bonus

5.) Target Bonus

6.) Rewards

7.) Spacial Bonanza

👉🏻Rental Bonus 🚖

On 10, 000 === 10% Pm

On 35, 000 === 12% Pm

On 65, 000 === 14% Pm

On 1, 10, 000 === 16% pm

Rental Bonus upto 200% Only

👉🏻Referral Bonus

Get 2% Extra 💰 Rental Bonus On Each Referral upto Unlimited .

👉🏻Working Bonus

L/R Matching Business 10%

Ratio: 1:1

Note:- Capping will be 2 lakes of one week.

👉🏻Level Bonus

Level Bonus

1 === 4%

2 === 3%

3 === 2%

4 === 1%

Note:- Level incomes up to 4th level on working bonus.

🎯 Target Incentives

Days Business Salary Target Pm

7 3 Lac 3k 1 lac

15 12 Lac 8k 3 lac

30 40 Lac 15k 10 lac

45 1 Cr. 35k 25 lac

75 3 Cr. 1lac 1 Cr.

120 7 Cr. 2.5lac 2.5 Cr.

160 15 Cr. 5 Lac 5 Cr.

280 45 Cr. 15 Lac 15 Cr.

365 100 Cr. 35Lac 35 Cr.


5 Lac 40' Inc LED

12 Lac MacBook Air

25 Lac Royal enfiled

55 Lac. Renault kwid

1.2 Cr. Breeza

2.5 Cr. XUV 500

6Cr. Fortuner

11Cr. Audi A6

Note:- Reward will be Next to Next and no time limit. 🖋

👉🏻Spacial Bonanza Bonus

35k Tri-pot --Home Theater

65k Tri-pot --32' Inch LED

1.10 Lac Tri-pot --40' Inch LED

Make 7 Pot Of 35k Get Bangkok's Tour 5Days 4Night


1.) Working Bonus every Sunday closing & payment will be in account tuesday..

2.) Rental Bonus Payout

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