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Investocoin #Bitcoin 9145631312 #Cryptocurrency #Aryan

Investocoin #Bitcoin 9145631312 #Cryptocurrency #Aryan
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in #bitcoin mining and #investocoin
The company’s name which brings to us all the concept of investocoin is Bitcoins Innovations (UK) Ltd. The company is a London based registered organisation. The registration number with which the company is registered in ‘Company House’ or MCA of London is 09221740, with this registration number in Google you can get entire details about the company and the Director of the company. The owner or director of the company is Mr.Daniel Fraser John O'DONOGHUE , he is also the owner of 51 other companies, which means its a big global business. The company is into mining from year 2014

The company is planning to do mining in 5 different cryptocurrency, hence the project is good and going to be awesome.

Good opportunity, call Aryan Arora on 9145631312 asap for placements.
“Slots filling at lightning speed. Don't be late and loose”.

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