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Skywings online India Pvt Ltd

Skywings online India Pvt Ltd
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*LAUNCHING SOON* We are launching our e-commerce bussines with 6lacks product's on March 31st . We are starting network marketing from january 25th 2018

Joining purchase 3000rs(50p.v)

4 different type of income.

Purchase a Minimum 50pv products

We have150+ products available including tshirt shirt, jeans, leather bags , kitchen utensils, sarees and salwars , shoes, solar water heater and even compact cpu.

And first time in India we are providing daily payout to your account.

Intrested leaders contact us for booking top position.

Income plan

You will have 4 type of income in this :

1. binary income.. Left and right pair matching gives u 200 rs

2. Referal income.. U will get the double of ur direct referral's binary payout.. That is .. If ur direct referals earns 1000 rs ..u will get 2000 rs in ur payout. So having more direct referal is important in this

3. level income.

. U will get 5% of ur total teams binary income... That is if ur whole team payout is 1 lakh then u will get 5% of that.

4. Repurchase bonous

When ur team.member repurchases the products from company or through online site.. U will get commision based on p.v of products

5. Company will give daily turnovers 1% daily to all those Distributers who has done 50000 pv binary matching!

So basically direct referal is more important here

Payout is daily and will be credited to your account daily

Daily limit

Binary incomes daily limit 5000rs / day (50pv) 10000rs(200pv) Level bonous (5000rs( 50pv) 10000rs(200pv) Referal income 5000rs (50pv), 10000rs (200p.v)per one referal .So for eg.if u have 10 referals ur daily limit will be around 1.2lakh (200p.v)

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