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nO ChiT FuND, No Mlm bUt Double just 6 month join

nO ChiT FuND, No Mlm bUt Double just 6 month join
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Oct 13 2018 7:50AM

Jobs99 Infotech is a name in the world of Indian job portal. Who started the referral program to remove unemployment in the name of, has triggered the whole world.

Job99 Infotech knows about what is before the information about the "unemployed free India" campaign. Which lets you clear how jobs99 infotech works? How can you work with this and joining it?

Jobs99 Infotech is a job portal of Indian Traditional Industries, which acts as an intermediary between unemployed and employers. And the service offers both simple and effortlessly. Employers get employees wanting by this job portal, better jobless jobs to the unemployed jobs99 Infotech Keeping in mind the needs of its registered members, they try to provide better service. And always look forward to offering them the best service.

And keeping all these things in mind jobs99 Infotech has started some unique programs.

Named after unemployed referral and business partnership programs.

Jobs99 Infotech's Referral Program works under peer 2 peer network system. In which the registered member receives attractive and unrealized earnings.

Friends, today the pandemic of unemployment is spreading around this world. The people of that are coming in its grip. And in our country, it has taken a destructive form, jobs99 Infotech has launched a small campaign to remove unemployment in the name of "unemployment free India". In which people are connecting from every corner of the country. And are benefiting from this campaign.

There are two types of options (referral program and Business partnership program) to join jobs99 Infotech. From these two options, you can connect to jobs99 Infotech by selecting any one option. And part time, full time can get the benefit of thousands of rupees sitting home. Registration Method:

1. Job Seeker – Rs. 99/-

2. Employer – Rs. 999/-

3. Business Partnership Program (BPP Gold) – Rs. 4999/- (Valid for limited time)

4. Business Partnership Program (BPP

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