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Do you want Secured Double within 15 month 7489270678

Do you want Secured Double within 15 month 7489270678
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Dear Friends, Mlm Leaders and Investors,

So many plans have come and gone so far in MLM Industries. Some plans also came to those who made good money to the MLM leaders. But most of the plans remained unsuspecting and unsuccessful. Today Indian network marketing is becoming digital. Indian net-worker’s now want such a plan. In which all those joining will not get much better but better income. Today, plans are being rolled out on very quick withdrawal in the Indian MLM market. But it is no longer possible to get on such plans. Considering all these things and considering the problem of Indian network, we are giving you a great and unique plan Roseneft crude oil investing of Crude Oil Investments. Which will be with you for a long time?

We take this fact for guaranteed.

Click and see Worldwide Business Opportunity.

Joining start $50 – $200 ( Rs. 3231/- to Rs. 12231/- ) 16% monthly for Fifteen month Compounded 60% & 40% in Wallet.

1. Direct income (sponsor new advisers) – 15%,

2. Accidental insurance cover 1 lac up to 3 lac,

( accidental death benefit 100% & single part disability 50% )

3. Down line slab or rank income – Approx 19.50%,

(Sales Executive – 8%)

(SR. Sales Executive – 5%)

(Sales Officer – 3%)

(SR. Sales Officer – 2%)

(State Promoter – 1%)

(National Speaker – 0.50)

4. Fast income introduces your down line within 15 days get 5% monthly of self amount invested.

5. Up line income get 3% of total up line rank.

6. Front line income gets 1% of down line slab or level achievements.

7. Target Achievement Income (Rewards and Awards)

Note :- We have not Supported any leader’s Power leg & Area wise Pocket Meeting. so please don’t asking.

Send mail us for details [email protected]

Contact us – State Business Promoter Mr. Raj fund manager – 7489270678,

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