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MLM EVER Privacy Policy

Information Collection Types

On visit of our website, we may collect some non-personal information like your Internet Protocal (IP address), browser type and Internet Service Provider (ISP) data. Through these information we cannot recognized you personally. Whenever you respond to some posts or comment on any post we may also collects personal information which you provide like your name, email address, mailing address, home country, state, mobile number etc. for register on MLM EVER. When you post on MLM EVER we show some of information with your post. You agree for communication on the provided information.

Protection of your Personal Information

You are our prime and valued customer and we recognize that protection of your privacy is important to us and you. In this connection, we are committed to protect your personal information in variety of ways. We do not access directly any of payments and not store your credit card info. Your registration personal information may be protected by a unique customer id i.e. your own email and password chosen by you at the time of registration. You are requested to do not disclose your password to anyone and you always remember for further logging. We have taken some security protections to safeguarding your all personal information and not share to anybody for any commercial use. However with most electronic transactions; no method is 100% safe on Internet. Your personal information protection means we try to safe your personal information but we cannot guarantee its 100% security. Hence, you agree that we assume there is no liability regarding the loss, theft, alteration or misuse of personal or contents or other information.

No Spamming Policy

You agree and understand that sending of unsolicited email or unsolicited communications to MLM EVER email addresses are prohibited. Time to time MLM EVER may monitor or verify email usage using human verification or through automated software verification to flag certain words associated or connected with spam or scams in emails that are sent between website users. Any unauthorized use of MLM EVER services is violation of terms.